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Sharlyn is an industry veteran. She has been a professional emcee Singapore providing excellent emcee services for the past decades and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

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The flickering cadences of the evening sparkulars glissade across the horizon of the Gold & Glitter stage Honoured to be hosting Inaugural UOB GWB Gala 2019 with Celebrity Emcee Mark Lee. Embracing the style, grace & glitterati of the nite!  
SkillsFuture Singapore, in support of Lifelong Learning Institute hosted the annual SkillsFuture Festival held at Kim San Leng Bishan coffeeshop - the first of its kind!. This year, they are excited to include a segment on Enterprise Series targeted to address challenges of the SMEs during this period of digital transformation. There is an ongoing digital revolution and the rapid advancements in digital technology is transforming the way we live, work and play. We envision a Smart Nation powered by digital innovation and a world-class city with a healthy and happy workforce with an improved environment. However, what does the...
Assume your boss let you know, "You realize that we have our organization dinner booked for one month from now. Before she moved to another state, Evelyn completed a fine occupation as speaker for a long time. Obviously, we need a substitution emcee now, and I have chosen you." Would that task threaten you? Not in the event that you pursued these six vital hints to become a Singapore corporate emcee. Spotlight Others, Not Yourself While Being Singapore Corporate Emcee Truly, there will be ordinarily during the night when everyone's eyes and ears will focus on you. In any case,...
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