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Being an emcee veteran in this Singapore, Emcee Sharlyn has been providing excellent emcee services for the past decade and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

徒步健行于大自然 吸收空气中的负离子8公里路 走了2个小时 走到腿一点软了虽然风云骤变 山雨欲来风满楼我们仍处变不惊
大年初八 祝大家 一路发! God of
A business that withstood the

A Glam CIMB Affair

A Glam CIMB Affair :
Kiehl’s 2020 “New Year Adventure”

True Yijing Seminar

Let me read your fortune…LOL.

Sino Elite CNQC Gala

Samuel Chong – My awesome
This is my wish for

Lexus Singapore

Thanks Chase Tan for 不断的 #放球 so

Aqua Matters Party

This private event was held
七早八早 got up for an
Literally merging with the Red
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Besides being an event emcee, Emcee Sharlyn constantly lends her voice to commercial TVCs voice-overs, her youthful appearance has also landed her in print ads and TV ads, completed an international movie vocal dubbing for Jack Neo's movie - Killer not stupid & acted in Mark Lee's movie - Make it BIG BIG! Truly a multi-talented artiste, Emcee Sharlyn finds herself blessed to have the opportunity to dabble in Print, Radio, TV & Movies.

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