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Sharlyn is an industry veteran. She has been a professional emcee Singapore providing excellent emcee services for the past decades and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

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Happy Teachers Day to All! Hosted Autism Association Appreciation Dinner. Saluting all the teachers whose legacy is making a positive impact & allowing autistic kids to lead a dignified life. One of my ambition when I was a kid was to be a teacher/ lawyer/ doctor/ business woman. But I guess it takes a lot of passion & patience to be a teacher. As a super inquisitive kid I recalled asking my sec teacher " Why are we born only to die? Why do we learn only to unlearn?" I achieved top grades I flunked tests. I copied & allowed...

Emcee Sharlyn Hosted For Danielwellington

by Sharlyn Lim, May 22, 2019
Rising up to a PERFECT Day! Thanks for getting me as an Influencer Host 🥰 Remember to quote "Sharlynloves" for a 15% discount at Donning the latest Classic Ring Collection from #danielwellington, completing my whole look with the classic bangle & Cornwall 40mm watch face. It was great fun collaborating with the international team from Hong Kong -Nancy, Jason, Cassey. 🥰
Emcee Sharlyn is at CHIJMES. Co-hosted the wedding of Wing fai and Agnes with Mark 国煌 last night. I like hosting with Mark coz we have a certain level of chemistry and affinity - we are both HengHua 兴华人 ( you know Putien restaurant then you know HengHua which is also a minority form of dialect). Emcees need to be quick-witted and best equipped with humour. I think Mark is all that! And he makes me look good standing beside him. 🤣🤣🤣
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