Singapore’s Leading Billingual Wedding Emcee

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You deserve to have a day that will last forever, so why not make it memorable? Wedding Emcee Sharlyn can give you and your wife or husband to be an experience like no other with her impeccable skills as Singapore’s Top Bilingual Emcee! With over 600 successful weddings under her belt – 100% guaranteed satisfaction, there's nothing she couldn't do at this very special time of togetherness. Her expertise includes everything from keeping people on task during dinner speeches and dancing until late night madness breaks out.

Why Sharlyn?

danda wedding emcee

11 PERFECT reasons for choosing Sharlyn as your wedding emcee:

  • Help the guests feel comfortable and connected

    I'll show them the ropes and make sure they know how things should be done. I'm going to introduce you guys not only what "Yum Seng" is all about, but also familiarize ourselves with this sequence of events so that nothing goes wrong on our end!

  • Sharlyn Listens

    Sharlyn the wedding emcee will guide you through the planning process, from asking questions and listening carefully to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. The perfect Emcee for any event!

  • Sharlyn is Quick-witted

    As a wedding emcee, knowing how to handle unforeseen circumstances is a true measure of your professionalism.

  • Great Personality

    The smooth talker continues to run smoothly, filling the gaps in the event’s program. Move over hiccups - here comes a truly compelling conversation!

  • Keep everything flowing smoothly

    A good wedding emcee knows how important it is to make sure things go off without a hitch, and they do this by keeping an eye on the time. They check in with everyone ahead of schedule so there are no surprises when proceedings start!

  • Keep everything & everyone to time

    You may have heard the phrase, "think globally - act locally." This applies perfectly to weddings. A good emcee will work out carefully in advance exactly what is expected at your upcoming event and not just assume that everyone wants a traditional wedding or anything close enough like it!

  • Get the introductions & protocol correct

    The emcee ensures that everyone at the wedding, particularly parents and siblings of the bride or groom, are glowing with radiant pride throughout their special day.

  • Leave everyone feeling happy for the "newlywed"

    We want to make sure that every moment is captured and cherished. The new couple's happiness matters most of all, so they can enjoy those memories for years together!

  • Build up ambience of happiness

    To make people laugh. A good emcee does not humiliate anyone at all, because every guest deserves to be respected and treated like royalty!

  • Encourage laughter

    Guests feeling awkward at the wedding is a common thing. We work to alleviate this feeling, no matter what culture you are from or how many guests come from different backgrounds than yours!

  • Make sure everyone knows what is happening

    Sharlyn loves every single one of them and gives them total freedom to be themselves. No audience is too tough for her!


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