Singapore’s Leading Billingual Wedding Emcee

Transform your wedding to the most unforgettable day where your union shines. Bring away a set of beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime. This event should be all about both of you and you truly deserve the BEST! Having hosted over 100 weddings, no wedding is too big or small for Emcee Sharlyn to handle. Choose a brilliant emcee like Sharlyn for you wedding now! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Why Sharlyn?

12 PERFECT reasons for choosing Sharlyn as your wedding emcee:

  • Help the guests feel comfortable and connected

    ...what is happening each step of the way, eg. introduce to foreigners what "Yum Seng" is all about & familiarize them with the sequence

  • Sharlyn Listens

    Every Wedding has unique requirements. Sharlyn as your wedding emcee, dig deeps and ask the right questions in the planning and meeting stages... She listens. !

  • Sharlyn is Quick-witted

    It's the mark of a true profeesional emcee, who knows, understands & anticipates what type of challenges can occur during 'live' weddings.

  • Great Personality

    ...continue to run smoothly, filling the gaps in the program. Move over hiccups, here comes a smooth talker!

  • Keep everything flowing smoothly

    ... there are any number of possible events that can stop the ceremony going on time. A good professional emcee makes sure everything runs on time.

  • Keep everything & everyone to time

    ...A good wedding emcee will work out carefully, in advance, exactly what is expected. No two weddings are identical and not everyone wants a traditional wedding.

  • Get the introductions & protocol correct

    ...ensures everyone at the wedding, particularly the parents and siblings of the bride and groom, glow with radiant pride throughout the wedding ceremony.

  • Leave everyone feeling happy for the "newlywed"

    ....and they want everything to go well so they can savour each moment. The precious memories matter. Happiness is my major focus.

  • Build up ambience of happiness encourage laughter. A good emcee does not humiliate anyone at all. Because all guests should be respected.

  • Encourage laughter

    ...Very often guests can feel awkward and alone. We help everyone get to know each other. This is even more important if it is a cross cultural wedding.

  • Make sure everyone knows what is happening

    ...Sharlyn embraces them all and gives them the freedom to be who & what they want to be. No audience is too tough for Sharlyn! READ MORE