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The Best Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn Shines: Hosting the Vibrant Docusign Chinese New Year Lunch Celebration!

Published Feb 23, 2024

The Best Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn Shines: Hosting the Vibrant Docusign Chinese New Year Lunch Celebration!

At the Docusign Chinese New Year Lunch Celebration, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn took the stage to kick off the celebrations! Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn entered the stage with grace, her colorful personality and commanding presence enthralling the audience from the minute she made her introductions. She instantly connected with the guests with her assured manner and kind smile, laying the groundwork for an interesting and unforgettable event.

Emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024

Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn assumed responsibility for hosting, making sure everything went smoothly and that there was a great energy at the event. She created the perfect atmosphere for an amazing event by welcoming guests with warmth and excitement thanks to her captivating presence and lively manner. With a variety of engaging and interactive experiences aimed at entertaining participants and guests, the networking session and fringe events got underway.

The possession of God Fortune Mascot : With the help of the animated and endearing God fortune mascot of the event, attendees may have captured priceless moments. The chance to engage with the fortune mascot, which brought a whimsical and playful element to the event, was enthusiastically embraced by the participants, who used it to pose for group photos or take selfies. The God fortune mascot’s vibrant clothes and lighthearted attitude made the ideal setting for making treasured memories.

emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 202420240221 113941 scaled emcee sharlyn

Throughout the event, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn revealed  a variety of games and activities were planned, like photo opportunity with God Fortune Mascot , kung fu chopsticks (chopstick game), dragon’s fortune (fortune telling) and dragon’s lake (ceramic coaster marbling). All activities with the intention of bringing laughter and a feeling of goodwill among participants. A variety of interesting tasks were presented to the participants, players took on tasks that required skill and dexterity, from daring feats to delicate moves, which heightened the competitive atmosphere and spread infectious laughter across the arena.

Emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024DocuSign Lunar New Year Lohei 2024! emcee Sharlyn hosted docu sign chinese new year 2024

In addition to encouraging cooperation, the wide range of exercises tested participants’ agility inside the fast-paced gaming environment. There was a vibrant atmosphere at all times, and success depended on rapid thought and quick action. In the midst of the friendly competition, relationships were reinforced and enduring memories were created, highlighting the event’s dedication to provide a fun and carefree experience for everyone involved.

The esteemed host, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn, also added that this year marks the reign of the Wood Dragon. The emcee welcomes the majestic Dragon performance with privilege and as symbol of prosperity, strength, and good fortune to the stage, the best bilingual emcee applauded and encouraged everyone to looked forward to it together. The dragon dance is a captivating show that bilingual emcee Sharlyn warmly urged everyone to see. She invited everyone to assemble and take in the breathtaking show with her captivating presence and contagious energy. The Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn created a vivid picture of the impending show, highlighting the cultural significance and beauty of the custom.

Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn took charge of leading the Mass Lohei, as each table selected a representative to take part in the pouring rite, the emcee led the Mass Lohei and coordinated the event. In the meantime, slides were displayed on the screen to lead participants through the complex procedure and guarantee that each step was carried out with deference and accuracy. All those in attendance felt united and prosperous as a result of this collaborative Lohei act, signifying the common aspirations for success and plenty in the upcoming year.

With that, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn added her heartfelt wishes for prosperity to resonate throughout the gathering. As her words echoed through the venue, she expressed her sincere hopes that the year ahead would be abundant with blessings and success for each and every individual present. With a warm smile and genuine enthusiasm, she encouraged everyone to relish in the festivities and savor the moments shared together. “May this year be a prosperous one for everyone here today,” she exclaimed, her voice infused with optimism and goodwill. Her closing remarks enveloped the audience in a spirit of positivity, setting the tone for a joyous celebration filled with laughter, camaraderie, and culinary delights.

As they reached the conclusion of the delightful lunch event, a momentous occasion filled with laughter and camaraderie, there was one final highlight awaiting. Before they bid adieu to that memorable gathering, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn was honored to extend an invitation to Kelly Yu, Senior Director of Channel Resell, APAC, to share her insights and reflections during that event. With her wealth of experience and esteemed position, marking a fitting finale to that celebratory gathering.

As the evening drew to an end, Bilingual Emcee Sharlyn said goodbye for the evening. Wishing all of the guests a pleasant evening and looking forward for seeing them again next year!

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Emcee Sharlyn: In honor of the Singapore’s Badminton Association Annual dinner in 2024, the most talented billingual emcee in Singapore staged a distinguished occasion

Published Feb 20, 2024

Emcee Sharlyn: In honor of the Singapore’s Badminton Association  Annual dinner in 2024, the most talented billingual emcee in Singapore staged a distinguished occasion

The best billingual emcee welcomed the guest to the highly anticipated Singapore Badminton Association Annual Dinner 2024 celebrations!  Emcee Sharlyn extended a warm welcome to each and every one of you and she added it was a pleasure to have witnessed the gathering of all attendees that night.

Emcee Sharlyn

Emcee Sharlyn warmly invited everyone to extend a heartfelt welcome to their Guest of Honor (GOH), Mr. Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and Second Minister for Law. He was accompanied by Dr. Maliki Osman, who served as the Second Minister for Education and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs. Additionally, Dr. Maliki held the esteemed position of Patron in Chief for the Singapore Badminton Association.

Singapore Badminton Association with Emcee SharlynSingapore Badminton Association with Emcee SharlynSingapore Badminton Association with Emcee Sharlyn

Emcee Sharlyn, who served as your host for that night, welcomed everyone to the SBA Annual Dinner 2024 with genuine delight. Without any delay, the festivities were initiated with an electrifying performance from X-ON Drum Crew. The electrifying drum performance delivered by the extraordinary women of X-ON Drum Crew was truly exhilarating! Undoubtedly, the combination of powerful beats and captivating lights has effectively launched the event with energy and excitement.

Emcee Sharlyn invited Mr. Lawrence Leow, the President of the Singapore Badminton Association to join on stage and deliver his opening address. Emcee Sharlyn also invited the guest of Honor, Minister Edwin Tong, along with distinguished guests, to join for the traditional Chinese New Year Lo Hei ceremony. A beloved custom in Chinese culture, the Lo Hei ceremony—also called the Prosperity Toss—occurs particularly during the joyous Chinese New Year season. Gathering around a huge platter of yu sheng, a colorful salad filled with many ingredients symbolizing prosperity, abundance, and good fortune, is a pleasant and fortunate rite.

Singapore Badminton Association hosted by Emcee SharlynWith Emcee SharlynEmcee Sharlyn

On the table they saw a plate of Lo Hei, Emcee Sharlyn expounded that they begin the preparations by adding the blessings and good wishes together. Following the thrilling Lo Hei ceremony, Jumpstart- the band, put on another amazing show to top off the festivities. Their captivating and exciting performance thrilled the crowd and added even more excitement and joy to the occasion. The lively ambience of the celebration was enhanced by the talented and imaginative performers showcasing their skills through captivating dance and rhythmic beats. All those present were even more uplifted by this genuinely remarkable occasion, which contributed to the SBA Annual Dinner 2024 being an evening of entertainment and friendship to remember.

Emcee Sharlyn gives a brief overview of the history of the Singapore Badminton Association from earlier times. Constructed in 1952, the iconic hall had hosted the 3rd ever Thomas Cup. It had also served as the training and competition grounds for many of our former badminton champions. Beyond sports, the hall had held political and cultural significance, acting as the vote counting station for the 1962 merger referendum and the venue for the Rolling Stones performance in 1965. SBA had prepared a video showcasing the history and significance of the Guillemard badminton hall. The crowd enjoyed the video screening.

The emcee encouraged everyone if they wished to contribute to the refurbishment of the Home of Singapore Badminton, they’re very welcome to make donations through the QR code on the table or approach any of the friendly organizers around. Emcee Sharlyn added that all of the effort and support that went into Singapore Badminton Association’s new home was higly appreciated.

Emcee Sharlyn added that the refurbishment of the Home of Singapore Badminton would not have been possible without the contributions of all the sponsors and donors. The “Karim Family Foundation”, as one of the key partners, played a pivotal role in supporting this effort.

The best billingual emcee invited the guest of Honour, Minister Edwin Tong, SBA President, Mr Lawrence Leow, Mr and Mrs Lim and members of the Karim Family Foundation, National team players Kean Yew, Jia Min, Terry and Jessica up on stage for the unveiling of a miniature model of the new Home of Singapore Badminton. Mr. Lim did the honor of activating the launch button.

“This is the Home of Singapore Badminton!” said Emcee Sharlyn with excitement as she introduced the new hall at 100 Guillemard Road. It will host a range of events and has 12 brand-new professional badminton courts. The SBA’s extended their sincere appreciation to Mr. Eugene Ang, who had provided them with amazing help throughout the years. Mr. Eugene Ang had always been a passionate enthusiast for the game. He had been employed as a participant in the Management Committee in SBA from 2012 until 2018, having served as a sponsor for the Singapore Badminton Open since 2006. Beginning in 2022, he played a crucial part in the occasion as an introducing sponsor. In addition to endorsing the Singapore Badminton Association’s programs in previous years, he had also been enthusiastically involved in the creation of the Masters division through Singapore Co-organizing the Swimming Club as one of the Masters League between clubs. His contributions have had numerous beneficial effects on the advancement of badminton brotherhood, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity within the community.

Emcee Sharlyn  invited Minister Edwin Tong to present the token of appreciation to Mr. Eugene Ang and with Mr. Lawrence Leow, Singapore Badminton Association presented the Tokens of Appreciation to acknowledged and thanked the donors who had donated generously to the refurbishment of the badminton hall at Guillemard.

Emcee Sharlyn invited Mr. Lawrence Leow back on stage to present the Club of the Year Award to The Singapore Swimming Club (SSC). She also welcomed Sports Chairman, Dr. William Choo, and Badminton Convener, Mr. David Yang, to join them on stage. The Swimming Club of Singapore (SSC) has been a great support in the growth of the badminton sport in Singapore. They had organized the Inter-Club Masters League, or ICML, since 2004. To date, they had successfully completed 15 iterations of the competition.

Additionally, SSC organized Foo Fok. Keong International Cup, the inaugural event in 2017 of the shows that has been hosted out of Malaysia. Furthermore, they had additionally been arranging several competitions for everyone age ranges, from younger children to the Masters division. This is not just made the atmosphere more lively for the fraternity, it was also beneficial for growth of the activity. Emcee Sharlyn expressed heartfelt gratitude to them for their invaluable contributions towards the advancement of badminton in Singapore.

Next, Singapore Badminton Association was pleased to offer the token of appreciation as a thank you to Sunlight Sports, the Li-Ning distributor in the area. Sunlight Sports has traditionally served as a sponsor for Singapore Badminton Association and every athlete involved. Mr. Chandra, Sunlight’s general manager Sports and Li-Ning’s Singaporean distributor. Emcee Sharlyn extended deepest gratitude for their unwavering support over the past 16 years as SBA’s trusted partner. Their contributions had gone beyond just providing equipment and apparel; They had also supported all SBA-organized events and, more recently, in the creation of the Home of Singapore Badminton.

The night’s finale is a mass sing-along with the Singapore National Badminton Players on stage. Audience turned on their mobile spotlight and sang along the song – Friends.

As the night came to a close, Emcee Sharlyn bid farewell for that night. Wishing all of the guests a pleasant evening and looking forward for seeing them again next year!

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Emcee Sharlyn Shines: Hosting the Spectacular PFPFA Chinese New Year Luncheon

Published Feb 15, 2024

Emcee Sharlyn Shines: Hosting the Spectacular PFPFA Chinese New Year Luncheon

The best bilingual emcee took the stage to welcome the distinguished guests and the enthusiastic audience to the PFPFA Chinese New Year Luncheon, emcee Sharlyn radiated warmth and hospitality. She created the mood for the occasion with her beautiful smile and genuine excitement, putting everyone at ease and getting them eager for the celebrations that were ahead. Her captivating presence commanded attention, enticing guests into the joyous occasion and promoting a feeling of unity among all those in attendance. Sharlyn’s flawless hosting abilities allowed her to easily engage the audience and create a warm, inviting atmosphere where visitors felt respected and appreciated.

emcee sharlyn

Emcee Sharlyn moved forward gracefully, her voice radiating with warmth and energy as she invited Mr. Jeffrey Chow to the stage for the much awaited opening statement, just as the excitement and celebration were about to begin. She acknowledged Mr. Chow’s distinguished presence and the importance of his remarks in launching the event with a polite nod and a wave. Emcee Sharlyn’s composed grace and alert manner as Mr. Jeffrey Chow took the podium communicated a sense of reverence for the occasion, laying the groundwork for an amazing and unforgettable start to the celebrations.

The inaugural remark will be given by Mr. Hadpreet, the distinguished CEO of HSBC TLife. Emcee Sharlyn, who exudes grace and composure, took a moment to extend a gracious invitation to Mr. Hadpreet. She noted the importance of Mr. Hadpreet’s presence, his distinguished position, and the value of his words in setting the tone for the festivities ahead, all with her unique charm and eloquence. Emcee Sharlyn’s expression of profound admiration as Mr. Hadpreet entered the stage heightened the excitement coursing through the audience. Her smooth transition and considerate introduction brought the occasion to a higher level and guaranteed that everyone in attendance would find Mr. Hadpreet’s speech to be very meaningful, ushering in a really remarkable celebration.

Best Billingual Emcee

Emcee SharlynWith Emcee Sharlyn


With her signature style and captivating presence, emcee Sharlyn approached the stage once more. As she declared the start of the eagerly awaited Lo hei ceremony, her voice rang out with excitement and expectation. She exuded joy in everyone around her with her beautiful grin and her passionate remarks. She greeted everyone with a dazzling charm, announcing the beginning of a happy custom that would bring everyone together in the spirit of wealth and good fortune. Everyone who attended the event was guaranteed to welcome the lo hei with enthusiasm and delight thanks to Emcee Sharlyn’s contagious energy and deft management of the occasion.

As the night went on, Emcee Sharlyn introduced the first game of the evening, Hi-Low, to the crowd, igniting even more enthusiasm. She captivated the audience and guests with her contagious energy, inviting everyone to take part in this engaging exercise. Emcee Sharlyn made sure that everyone understood the game’s regulations as she went over them amid chuckles and excitement.

The players’ anticipation of guessing whether the next card selected will be higher or lower than the previous one created a buzz of excitement throughout the room with each round. The excitement was increased by Emcee Sharlyn’s animated remarks and support, which maintained the event’s momentum and positive attitude during that entire time. As the game progressed, Emcee Sharlyn’s contagious energy helped to unite everyone in attendance and create a sense of camaraderie between guests and participants. Her ability to engage the audience made sure that everyone was a part of the exciting events of the evening and felt involved.

Pfpfa Hosted by Emcee SharlynPFPFA Emcee SharlynPFPFA hosted by Emcee SharlynCNY

Another thrilling form of entertainment that enthralled the audience was KTV (Karaoke Television), hosted by Emcee Sharlyn. She announced the start of the KTV segment with a playful smile and a twinkle in her eye, which excited the attendees. Without any delay, emcee Sharlyn invited courageous individuals to take the stage and perform vocal pieces. Even the most timid guests were encouraged to take the mic by her upbeat remarks and her enthusiasm. The air changed to a merry display of music and laughing as the first brave singer launched into their signature song.

PFPFA with Emcee SharlynPFPFA with Emcee SharlynPFPFA with Emcee SharlynPFPFA with Emcee Sharlyn

Emcee Sharlyn revealed Orange Peeling, a delightful addition to the celebrations that elicited cheers and applause from the excited throng. Her announcement added even more excitement to the event. Sharlyn invited players to demonstrate their agility and quickness in peeling oranges after outlining the guidelines of the game. She urged everyone to engage in the fun amid the laughing and friendly rivalry, offering rewards and the ability to boast to the victors. The room was a flurry of action and excitement as soon as the game started thanks to Emcee Sharlyn’s contagious passion and skillful management. With their quick fingers, the participants carefully and precisely peeled the oranges as they enthusiastically raced against the time.

PFPFAMTXX MH20240214 145445693 scaled emcee sharlyn

As the event came to the end. The best bilingual emcee in Singapore expresses her gratitude and appreciation for the guests representatives who joined that milestone event. Emcee Sharlyn greeted everyone with wishes for a good lunch and extended wishes for a Happy Lunar New Year ahead, alongside expressions of gratitude for their participation.

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