Wonderland Press Conference – Event Hosting at Art Science Museum

Wonderland Press Conference - Event Hosting at Art Science Museum

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wonderland press conference

Hosted Wonderland Press Conference at Art Science Museum. A highly immersive exhibition filled with theatrical sets & breathtaking audiovisual artworks inspired by 1865 Lewis Caroll timeless classic.

We became of the 1st few in Asia to fall into the Rabbit Hole & stepped thru the Looking Glass into a whimsical world of adventures of Alice!

As a child I’ve watched many renditions of Alice in the Wonderland cartoons, watched its movies countless times. Remember Tweedledee & Tweedledum? Mad Hatter, Tea Party, Red Queen? I realised Alice’s character is one we can easily identify with – curiosity, brave, courageous, justice-seeking..these traits live in us. Would u have squeeze thru the small door or taken the “Eat Me” pill? I most probably will~

Life, what is it but a dream…

Are dreams & reality a juxtaposition?

Fear & Courage which would u have chosen anyway?

Art Science Museum

About Emcee Sharlyn

“With an air of Je ne sais quoi, Emcee Sharlyn has acted in the recent movie “Make It Big Big” directed by Mark Lee & acted alongside Fann Wong.

Her soothing voice has also won over the hearts of Taiwanese Movie Producers &* landed her 1st ever Vocal Dubbing role in Jack Neo’s latest movie – Killer Not Stupid.

Emcee Sharlyn is also a Part-timer Radio DJ with Love 972 FM. Her bilingualism both in written and spoken form is certainly a rare gem in this industry.

She emanates a sense of style, with an approachable friendly demeanor. It is no wonder she is a hot favorite amongst clients & organisers”


About the Author

Sharlyn is a multi-talented artiste who has hosted several TV programmes on the local TV station and was offered a Radio DJ contract by FM88.3. She eventually turned it down as she does not want to confine behind 4 walls of a recording studio, choosing to get out and meet people from all walks of life. Besides being an events emcee, Sharlyn is also a voice-over talent, actress and singer (confined to behind the shower curtains only).

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