Hi Sharlyn, didn’t really have the chance to thank you personally. After my wedding banquet, the next morning we were rushing to the airport. We really appreciate your wonderful hosting on that night. Many greats feedback from my guests on how beautiful you are and your great hosting. Keep in touch. Thanks again.

Cheers, Yao Hui

Dear Sharlyn,

Thank you for being such a wonderful host for our wedding. My relatives and friends enjoyed my wedding banquet tremendously especially my wife’s family from Taiwan. Now we understand the meaning behind cake-cutting and Champagne-pouring ceremony. Thank you for enlightening us! In fact my friends were already asking me for your contact for their own weddings. You left such an indelible print in all memories that it’s hard to find another wedding emcee to match.

Alan & Ting Ting

“Dear  Sharlyn, Thanks you for being such a wonderful emcee at our wedding. You are such a talented host with superb bilingual skills. Furthermore, you were great with guests and added a personalized touch to the occasion. We didn't have to worry about the programme and left it in your good hands. Once again, thank you and all the best! ”

Sincerely, John & Celine XX”

Hi Girls,

My weddings is over and I decided so share an emcee which thankfully was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

While searching for an emcee, I had quite high expectations which was that he/she had to be bilingual, and extremely comfortable + fluent as well as ability to carry herselfvery well. While googling for emcees and after calling each and every one of those shortlisted up, I finally chose Sharyln. (http://emceesharlyn.com/)

Am so glad I ended up with her as the best decision because many compliments from the guests after the wedding was actually for her. Many guests asked how I found such as amazing and fluent emcee. Anyway, Emcee is very very important - they lift or dill the entire atmosphere. I do know many brides will try to scrimp some money and get their friends instead but many weddings I went which had friends as emcees had awkward moments or some friends either were not experienced at all and ended up running the entire ambiance. I wanted to avoid that even though I had friends who volunteered and thankfully was glad I did.

You could more about my emcee review HERE.


“We were delighted when Sharlyn agreed to be our wedding emcee and she indeed lived to her reputation as great professional emcee for weddings. Our wedding banquet on 6th November would not possibly be such a joyous occasion without her entertaining our important guests on our Big day. Many guests have feedback to us now on how professional our emcee was that made our wedding dinner so great.

Thank you Sharlyn for making our important day so complete.”

Best Wishes, Chun Beng & Yuky

Dear Sharlyn,

We want to express our delight in having you as our emcee for our wedding night. Thank you so so much for livening up the guests. We felt like super stars when we marched in as you kept the crowd cheering for us! The guests loved you special YUM SENG & that really push the climax to another level. Overall thank you for learning some Thai greetings to cater to my mother-in-law side of family. You are definitely professional, creative, fun-loving and approachable. We just love your style! You are Simply  the Best!

Marcus & Pachrapa

“Is she you friend?”

“Is she a deejay?”

“Is she an actress?”

Those were the top FAQ’s on my wedding day regarding my emcee Sharlyn.

Truth is, I witnessed Sharlyn’s performance at my friend’s wedding AND my friend witnessed it from his friend’s wedding. Sharlyn is THAT awesome.

She is effectively bilingual and her voice is so soothing that she really sound like a radio deejay. And even better because she helped contribute ideas for my wedding programme tool!

I am really happy that I made the best decision to engage Sharlyn for her services. She is very experience and my guests were well entertained, thus contributing to the overall success of most important day of my life.

Chantalie Amelia Tao

Dear Sharlyn,

Thank you for being such and amazing emcee for  our big day.

Many if my guest commented that you are so professional.

Your bilingual skills are amazing, you manage to spice up the atmosphere and you definitely brought our wedding banquet to a whole new level.

Not only that, there isn’t on bit of worry in me when you were running the show. To new couples out there, this is the emcee to go for. Leave her a message or give her a call. She is very friendly and amicable. During our meet up before the banquet (she insisted on a meet up as she wanted to get ro know use better) she even went the extra mile to suggest such that the banquet will be filled with laughter and joy.

Thank you so much! Wee Jun Wei

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