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Merging the Old way and New way of Hosting Events

so if you are looking for live stream emcee I will be glad to assist you with my extensive repertoir of online hosting experience

The COVID-19 has placed millions of people around the world in a state of house-arrest. While most offices and streets lay empty, the world has continued to work behind computer screens and mobile phones. Such a massive exodus into remote working has made virtual events and online show hosts more crucial than ever before.

Will we adapt to a new way of marketing and communications, with the old ways of working seeming out dated, or will it simply snap back to business as usual? Will virtual events be the new normal? Undoubtedly the events and exhibitions industry is incredibly resilient, and our human need to interact and exchange information face-to-face will result in a recovery in time.

Meanwhile virtual livestreaming events seem to be trending! There are increasing numbers of digital events such as Webinars, Virtual Talkshows, Virtual Online Courses, Virtual DNDs, Virtual Cooking Shows, Virtual Grassroot Dialogue Sessions, Virtual Product Launch (Media& KOL), Live Stream eCommerce hosting and more. And you know what? I have hosted all of the above!

So if you are looking for a Live Stream emcee, I’ll be glad to assist you with my extensive repertoire of online hosting experience


LOVE 97.2 FM Radio DJ (Sat, Sun)

Media Personality
Professional Compere/Host (15 Years Experience)
Acted on Mark Lee's Movies- Make It Big Big
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Going Virtual

How a Good Host Like Emcee Sharlyn Can Help Your Virtual Event

Highly- Established Professional Online Host who isapt and versatile in handling different online virtualevent genres. Via the online platform, EmceeSharlyn has hosted product launches, cookingdemos, livestream selling, constituency dialoguesessions, medical talkshows, financial-planningwebinars, beauty & grooming showcases etc.

Being a weekend radio DJ every Sunday onLove 97.2FM, speaking to “no audience” whilemaintaining a heightened sense of euphoria ispart and parcel of my routine on-air hosting.

Lauded for being well -trained in handlingwhatsapp messages, FB comments,livestream comments & interacting with theviewers online. Her ability to multi-task,sense the online events from the get-go,prompt speakers, engage audience are keyattributes for making any event a success!

Understand what it takes to entice audience tostay on and watch a FB LIVE or virtualLivestream events eg. how to pace thedelivery, vary the tonation, inform on eventhighlights or giveaways for each show.

With her effable personality, she continuesto delight and engage audience.Her imageis also synonymous with many corporatebranding.

With over a decade of events hostingexperience under her belt, she is quickwitted & adapt quickly when it comes tomanaging unforeseen circumstances suchaunexpected responses or impromptuquestions from viewers, under-running orover-running the program or eventechnical glitches

A good Virtual event host like Sharlyn can keep things engagingand exciting, just as if it was held live and in-person. Armed withMass Communications degree, she understands theimportance of USPs to a brand & she is also an excellentfacilitator & moderator.

Allows companies to host events and product launches byfollowing all the required social-distancing and health norms.

She will help you grow your online audience exponentially asonline platforms offer opportunity to reach out to more peopleand have a wider audience than ever before.

Creating a bigger online Digital Event presence

The different kinds of Digital Events I hosted online


Online Webinar

PFP Legacy (Insurance),
Singapore Paincare Center,
Moist Diane Product Launch

Live Selling

MrHome Live Mall

LIVE Auction

Changi Airport

FB Live

HomeReno Guru

Virtual Talkshow

Amazing Night with Sharlyn atGeylang Serai Virtual Club

Studio Webinar–

Wellness for Life Chiropractic

Straight Talk with PAP

Online Webinar – PFP Legacy(Insurance), Singapore Paincare Center, Moist Diane Product Launch

Live Selling – LAZADA / KLOOK / MrHome Live Mall

LIVE Auction – Changi Airport

Virtual Talkshow – Amazing Night with Sharlyn at Geylang Serai Virtual Club

Studio Webinar – Wellness for Life Chiropractic

Straight Talk with PAP

Studio Webinar – Wellness for Life Chiropractic

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