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Sino Elite CNQC Gala

Samuel Chong – My awesome co-host for CNQC Gala 青建(南洋)控股有限公司2020年度晚宴! 👍

He said knowing I’m his co-host he was relieved & literally didn’t hv to worry abt anything esp on-stage camaraderie. 😊 Well I think I shared the same sentiments!

照稿也好 随性也罢 我们都能对答如流
节目结束后 永权很绅士的帮我提包包etc
我说不好 他可是前辈 殿堂级主持人
他说 他是以朋友的身份帮我拿东西
👍👍👍 哇! #感动

And a super big shoutout & thanks to Li Hong & Sino Elites for the seamless coordination & great team work!

#samuelchong #sharlyn #cnqc

Sharlyn Lim is a Bilingual Emcee. She is a Singapore host or Singapore emcee. She has over more than 10 years of on-stage experience, Sharlyn has hosted & Interviewed numerous Artist in the field of Entertainment. She has also hosted all genres of events in the presence of Ministers & MPs, and hosted overseas (Las Vegas, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Shanghai) Lauded for her natural hosting style and her ability to blend with people from all walks of life, Sharlyn has hosted numerous Award Dinners, Ministerial Galas, Shopping Malls Activities, as well as Grassroots Events.

A true chameleon, Sharlyn remains one of the few host or emcee in the industry who is able to host effectively in both Mandarin and English and is able to switch effortlessly between the two languages. She prides herself as an extremely versatile. Known for her effervescent personality and versatile image, clients often chose her to be their top choice emcee for their events. and Sharlyn remains the rare few who can host both high-profile events and energetic fun outdoor shows.

Sharlyn has often compared to Media corporation DJ’s or TV presenters, emanating a sense of style, yet with an approachable friendly behavior. Her bilingualism both in written and spoken form is certainly a rare gem in this industry. Sharlyn is a highly sought-after emcee in Singapore, carving out a niche for herself in the real of professional hosting. She is effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin. She has since hosted with local and overseas celebrities like Energy, SHE, and have also interviewed TVB celebs like Yang Yi.

If you live in Singapore and you’re looking for an emcee or a host then Sharlyn Lim is the best for your event.

Take a peek into some of the wonderful memories we were part of. We have provided artists for hundreds of events across Singapore. Winning hearts and creating smiles in the process. Get in touch with us to add an extra note to your big day!

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