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Looking for a quick witted emcee with a contagious personality to keep your audience entertained and engaged?


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What makes a Good Emcee?

Bilingualism, energy and humour make a good emcee but the ability to adapt to changing situations without a hitch, sharp-wittedness and an aptitude for forming a personal connection with each individual in the crowd, regardless of age and gender, is what makes an emcee great.

Beyond just entertaining the audience and ensuring that there is no dull moment that allows them to drift, a great emcee sets the tone for an event, makes the stars look good, ensures that the event objective is met and perhaps most importantly, saves the day when a hiccup arises! Hello, Murphy’s law!

If you are looking for an emcee who possesses all of the above qualities, consider her found.


Best Female

Bilingual & Emcee Host

Some ineffable trait in her personality makes everyone realize, without knowing why, that Sharlyn Lim is one of the most unique individuals they’ve ever met and one of the most diverse talents working in the live hosting niche today. Is it her sense of humour, her youthful spirit, or her natural beauty that leaves a lasting impression on people? She has a certain je ne sais quoi that everyone finds very appealing. Indeed, the best female emcee in Singapore!

Experienced and Multi-Talented

Emcee Sharlyn (Weekend DJ of LOVE 972 Radio Station) is delighted to act in the recent movie “Make It Big Big” directed by Mark Lee & starring alongside Fann Wong. Her soothing voice has also won over the hearts of Taiwanese Movie Producers & landed her 1st ever Movie Vocal Dubbing role in Jack Neo’s latest movie – Killer Not Stupid.

Ready to leave your event in good hands?

Be it your company’s annual Dinner & Dance, a new product launch or any organizational celebratory occasion, we know that you require an engaging host to anchor the event. With years of experience emceeing corporate events, Sharlyn has a proven track record of managing and entertaining corporate crowds. You can have a peace of mind leaving your events in her hands.

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