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A big event for Microsoft Singapore Partners Awards 2019

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Microsoft Singapore Partners Awards 2019 held at the spanking new Koma F&B establishment in MBS.
Marinabaysands Hotel

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Koma F&B establishment in MBS.
Marina Bay Hotel

Microsoft honored leading partners across the channel following a year of customer innovation and market growth in Singapore. The 2019 Microsoft Singapore Partner​ Awards recognized excellence within the context of the channel, celebrating successes and innovations related to partner competencies, cloud technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and sales excellence.

Some of the Awards…

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Partner of the Year

highlight of Award winner
This Partner really stood out with it’s proven technical, business and industry expertise working on large strategic customers across the globe and specifically in Singapore, helping a customer on their digital transformation journey spanning industries all the way from Utilities and Financial services!

One particular case that stood out was an ambitions transformation to enable smart Utilities through IOT and AI. The Partner first helped the customer unify their data siloes and modernize their data estate to lay a solid foundation for AI. The Partner leveraged on the full power of Azure’s Data & AI Services, spanning real-time streaming from IOT devices to the Azure Data Lake to Azure Data Bricks and Azure Machine Learning Services. The Partner ensured the usage of containers and DevOps to futureproof the solution as well.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Datacenter Migration Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
The Partner selected for the Award edged it out based on the scale of the Projects making it the biggest SAP HANA deployments in APAC and also on the comprehensive Skill Set that was required across SAP and AWS.

The Partner and Customer worked together to leverage on additional Azure Data & AI capabilities to allow the customer to deliver better insight across their business. Even further, after proving that Azure is capable of running the most mission-critical application, the customer now had the confidence to also migrate their AWS workloads to Microsoft Azure!

In the customers own words:
“This move has opened new possibilities for us today, but perhaps more importantly, it has enabled us to build more solutions that will solve healthcare challenges in the future”. “We are all very excited about the boundless potential this has created and we fully intend to explore the different avenues we see ahead of us”.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: T-Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Data Estate Modernization Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Data Estate Modernization Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
The Award is handed to a partner that has proven on being deeply skilled on the wide Azure Data & AI portfolio, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Data warehouse and Power BI spanning across multiple Industry Verticals, from public sector to online entertainment.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Just Analytics Pte Ltd

OSS on Azure Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft OSS on Azure Partner of the Year

The highlight of Award winner
The Partner that stood out in their nomination enabled the customer with modernization of a core system running on Sun Solaris, bringing it to a modern architecture on Azure. The modernized application is now taking advantage of many leading-edge Azure services like Azure Kubernetes, MySQL on Azure and Github!
In the customer’s own words:
“The Partner has helped transform the way we run our core application system by modernizing and migrating the application from a legacy platform to a more efficient architecture in Microsoft Azure. Their expert knowledge of Containerization, DevOps, and the full Azure Platform, and their ability to co-create with my internal development and infrastructure team has resulted in a successful deployment and a very happy customer.”.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Telstra Singapore

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Partner of the Year

The highlight of Award winner
This award-winning partner invested in the
design and development of intellectual properties built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365, successfully deployed to more than 35 customers.
What is most notable is their continuous innovations around Dynamics 365, by partnering with ISV to broaden their solutions and create a greater impact on their customers. They also invested in Chatbot and Power Platform to improve customer operations.
Throughout FY19, this winner has worked closely with Microsoft to market Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the key enterprise transformation platform for public sector customers, achieving significant customer awareness through Proof of concepts (POCs) and 70% growth in Microsoft revenue.
The winner has received positive testimonials from many of their customers and created multiple customer case studies. They also received a Star Partner Award 2019 from Prime Minister Office, for exemplary works in Public Sector.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Customer Capital Consulting Pte Ltd

Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
The winner of this year’s award has shown the highest growth in their new customer adds in FY19.
They are the first partner in Singapore to invest in localization of Business Central, with the support of Microsoft. They upgraded their skills and launched marketing campaigns to encourage existing Navision customers to upgrade to Business Central.
They also partnered with ISV to innovate their solution and brought value to their customers. Their continuous investment in Cloud has yielded positive growth to their business, they migrated many on-premise customer to Cloud and achieved 100% YOY growth in Azure Consumed Revenue.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Afon Systems Pte Ltd

Modern Workplace Transformation Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Modern Workplace Transformation Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
As a dedicated Microsoft partner since 2001 and solution provider for many different institutions worldwide, the winner prides itself on helping users accelerate and get the most out of their experience with Microsoft modern workplace investments. Always putting customer at the top priority, serving them with their IP solution, the winning nomination enable their customers to pursuit successful digital transformation.
What sets the winner apart is their IP-Cosell solutions for Modern Workplace that has helped to accelerate customers’ workplace transformation with Microsoft. In FY19, this partner is the number one local partner to contribute to Singapore IP Co-Sell deals and they continued to innovate with their Microsoft Teams Sustainable Adoption Workshops series integrating Adoption Change Management Practices to help customers achieve their adoption and transformation goals efficiently.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: AvePoint Singapore Pte Ltd

Modern Workplace Security and Compliance Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Modern Workplace Security and Compliance Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
The winner for this category has demonstrated significant year-on-year growth of close to 100% for their Modern Workplace business with Microsoft. Not only has this partner continued to focus on their installed base customers to drive high customer satisfaction, but they have also successfully landed multiple Microsoft 365 Security wins, addressing top customers’ concerns for their digital transformation journey to the cloud. The winner had contributed to half of the Microsoft 365 customer adds across manufacturing, finance, oil & gas, and gaming industries.
This partner has delivered a consistent performance for their Microsoft Security practice, innovated on top of Microsoft Security programs such as Security Assessment with their own IP service offering, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner to many customers. They also developed value-added programs educating customers on Cybersecurity readiness including simulating attacks with phishing campaigns. This has resulted in their strong cloud performance with one of the highest Microsoft 365 customer wins in FY19.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Insight Technology Solutions Pte Ltd

Industry ISV Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Industry ISV Partner of the Year

The highlight of Award winner
The winning partner developed not one but 5 solutions on our Modern Workplace cloud including Learning Management System (LMS), document management system (DMS), O365 and SharePoint intranet portal, Groups and Teams governance solution and case management system. These solutions are integrated with Microsoft technologies, allowing more than 150+ Singaporean organizations across critical industries such as finance, education, government, to realize additional value from their Microsoft investments.
A dedicated Microsoft partner since 2001, the partner has been involved in some of the largest and most complex modern workplace implementations in Singapore, ensuring adoption and achieving Microsoft Monthly Active User targets. All of this has led to the partner becoming the top IP co-sell partner in Singapore and APAC.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: AvePoint Singapore Pte Ltd

Industry Services Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft Industry Services Partner of the Year

The highlight of Award winner
Tonight … we recognize a partner organization which has successfully digitally transformed and developed their industry-leading design-for-purpose solution on Microsoft Azure cloud as a comprehensive smart operations management solution that enables all-in-one business needs, to support operations, enhance user experiences on a secure platform.
The winning partner solution brings Microsoft AI, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services & NLP to enhance transportation accessibility for commuters with a disability, commuters’ experience with operations orchestration and an increase in security and safety through real-time situation awareness and insights.
More importantly, the solution is replicable across industries like retail (malls), Finance & Banking, Healthcare (hospitals).

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Certis Technology (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

CSP Indirect Partner Award 2019
Award Name: Microsoft CSP Indirect Partner of the Year

Highlight of Award winner
The winning partner grew their CSP revenue to 109% YoY across 3 clouds by enabling seamless aggregation, provisioning and transaction of comprehensive Microsoft Cloud solutions through their marketplace and automated digital marketing platform. The team demonstrated continuous commitment in dedicated Microsoft resources, organizational enhancements in developing a cloud security team and driving channel programs across multiple partner types including ISVs.
Their GTM effort includes marketing as a service for partners and complimenting them with differentiated repeatable value-added solution offerings to their customers. This has led to an astounding double digital growth in their cloud mix, partner reach, and yield.

We’re pleased to announce the award goes to: Ingram Micro Asia Ltd

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