Joo Chiat 54th National Day Dinner & Joo Chiat 60th Birthday🌈💥

Joo Chiat 54th National Day Dinner & Joo Chiat 60th Birthday🌈💥

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我喜欢 I like it when I walked past a table & committe member’s daughter dashed out & gave me a hug & I gave her a bear hug too~ such a darling

我喜欢 I like it when a little boy popped by the side of stage & gave me a High 5 then flashed a coyish smile😊

我喜欢 I like the fact that the moment I stepped foot onto the event ground I received a WhatsApp message frm Miaoxin Edward Lin telling me he will be doing the video & photography for the nite. I love to be in the company friends😆

我喜欢 I like the warmth of the Joo Chiat residents & sponsor volunteers like Alan Yeo & Helen Yong who are always ready to lend a helping hand & a genuine “hello” and smile

我喜欢 I like Broadway Beng Sebastine Tan’s Hokkien-English funny antics. And boy he can really sing ( see videos) ..oh boy I’m sold for your next broadway performance 💗

我喜欢 I like my co-host – my extra pair of eyes and ears ..literally zero rehearsal but we got each other’s back. Seamless flow. Impeccable chemistry🎤

我喜欢 I like Marine Parade GRC MP – Edwin Tong…no airs about this man. After event ended he caught me by surprise by asking which school was I from? I said I studied locally. He complimented me for my bilingualism & effortless switching of both languages which wowed the VIP table which consisted of SMS Teo Chee Hean & EMS Goh Chok Tong. & I gotta say I thank the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew for this because he advocated Bilingualism.


我喜欢 I like Singapore above all. Because this is Home. Truly…where I know I must be.



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