Virtual Event Host

How Virtual Event Host Can Bring Value to the Online Events

Virtual Event Host

The COVID-19 has placed millions of people around the world in a state of house-arrest. While most offices and streets lay empty, the world has continued to work behind computer screens and mobile phones. Such a massive exodus into remote working has made virtual events and online show hosts more crucial than ever before. However, virtual events and live stream hosts have been around since 1993, and this pandemic has only made them more integral to the modern workplace. Social platforms and tech companies are looking for new, innovative ways to connect online, and Event hosts from Singapore to New York are making this possible. Here’s a look at how a Live stream host can make things easier for you?  

What Is a Virtual Event?


A virtual event is any digital, organised event, gathering, or meet-up that occurs online instead of face-to-face. Therefore, it removes geographical constraints from any meetings by making them happen digitally. There are various types of such events, and in most cases, they are presided over by an online show host. A live stream host acts as a sort of Emcee by handling the organisation, structure, and content that such a show has. Here’s a quick look at the different types of virtual events.


  1. Tutorials/Classes: Schools, colleges, and even offices sometimes need people to go through a tutorial to get more accustomed to a new concept or technology. A Live stream host acts as an instructor, in this case, helps the viewers understand the ideas being discussed.
  2. Training courses: This type includes longer courses that help employees or students understand a more complex concept or acquire a new skill. They include workshops on new software, webinars, and even extensive courses such as Digital Marketing and SEO tricks. 
  3. Behind-the-scenes: Such virtual events allow influencers, singers, and artists to show their followers what happens behind the scenes. An Online show host can give people virtual tours of museums, theaters, concert halls, or even national parks through such events. 
  4. Interviews/Performances: Hosts can be performers or interviewers through such sessions, which helps viewers better understand celebrities. A live question-and-answer session can enable experts to share their experience and knowledge, while live performances can help keep things engaging. 
  5. Conferences: Large-scale events can also be hosted virtually. Event hosts in Singapore have successfully launched products and conducted live concerts with ease. Whether it is IBM or Microsoft’s tech events, anything can go virtual nowadays. 

How a Good Host Helps a Virtual Event?


  • Cut costs significantly as you no longer have to pay for the arena, lights, sound, or technicians.
  • Enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint, as you don’t have to pollute the environment or area wherein you want to host the event.
  • It helps remove all the complex logistics involved in organising a significant event in a foreign county or locality.
  • It makes it easier for people to attend the event, as they can do so from the comfort of their homes.
  • It removes all the geographical constraints that people might have to face if the event or show is in a far-away place.
  • Minimizes all the over-head charges associated with traveling to and from the location.
  • A good event host can keep things engaging and exciting, just as if it was held live and in-person.
  • Allows companies to host events and product launches by following all the required social-distancing and health norms. 
  • Opportunity to reach out to more people and have a wider audience than ever before. 

Some of the largest conferences in the world have gone completely digital this year. Thanks to great hosts like Emcee Sharlyn, you will never have to worry about engaging the audience or keeping things interesting. Whether it is live-tweeting or live-streaming, make sure your business has the right host to take things digital. Hold meetings, product launches, live streams and interviews with tech experts online, and make sure that your content reaches everyone with the help of a good host.

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