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danda Event Management

Little pieces of moments, can be part of someone’s vision forever. Finding the right person to start a memorable event isn’t easy; we’ve made sure that you get all your bases covered when it comes down for event management in Singapore!

The Troubles of Hosting Your Events

Hosting an event isn’t easy. From the preparation of the venue, to the execution of the event, to making sure your guests are well taken care of, it’s more than all that. How do you keep the event running? How do you attend to everything and everyone? How are you supposed to run the event while making sure your guests and audience are entertained with the purpose of their attendance? Are you at a loss for how everything should go with your event?

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Do you feel like you’re always running out of time with your event?

It’s not easy to make sure everything is happening according to your timeline. Is the time to dragging? Is everything happening too fast? How long should the event take?

Are you already overspending?

Are you already spending too much money before the event even takes place? Are you cashing out too much on the event? It’s not easy to work on the event and avoid spending on unnecessary expenses, but you can’t help it when it happens sometimes.

Do your guests look bored or overwhelmed?

Is everything going a little too fast or are your guests wearing out their social energies? It’s not uncommon to have your guests already on their last glass or some planning to already hit the sack at the back. But, could it be you’re missing something?

We Got You Covered!

Emcee Sharlyn is a master of ceremonies, hosting various events from webinars to auctions, running concerts and festivals and rolling with DJs on the radio. Sharlyn is a multitalented personality that would increase your audience, promote your events and get the most views for your talk shows.

To spice up everything for all your main events, we’re adding more features to our list of hostings!

Hybrid Event Singapore

You can cater your event to meet the needs of everyone involved while still having a great time. We offer Hybrid Event Singapore options that ensure comfort and convenience, whether it be through personal appearances or virtual presentations!

Virtual Event Singapore

Our Virtual Event Singapore alternative is a great way to enjoy your festivities in the comfort of your home. Emcee Sharlyn is a great digital host who does know how to keep the ball rolling for everyone. Through her professional and engaging presence, your virtual event is a home run!

More Digital and Personal Events by Emcee Sharlyn

Live Auctions And Selling

Whether you’re auctioning or launching and selling products, I’m more than happy to help get the attention your event deserves! Businesses are always a great way not only gain customers but keep them too.

Studio And Live Webinars

Are you looking for the perfect host to keep the attention of your audience? With a major in Mass Communication, Emcee Sharlyn is your best card!

Networking And Product Launches

Get the audience and appeal you need to build rapport with your market. Emcee Sharlyn is the best host to keep everyone in perfect spirit to aim high and achieve higher!