Emcee Sharlyn Was At Hotel Fort Canning

Emcee Sharlyn Was At Hotel Fort Canning

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Emcee Sharlyn At Hotel Fort Canning

Despite wheelchair-bound & partial paralysed from a motorbike accident, Chef Haikal Johari is the 1st Malay Chef in SG to earn a Michelin Star. He is making a splash in the culinary circles & also part of the team that helped Alma by Juan Amador earned a Michelin star

Total respect for Chef Haikal! I could feel his passion for food & cooking thru our interaction.

During our session while hosting Eat Your History @Food Village, he shared with me his creation Gulai Kambing Nanas was based on an original recipe from Minangkabau people who hailed from Padang in West Sumatra Indonesia who settled as migrants in SG during our founding days.

Do you know Minangkabaus is the largest Matriarchal community in the world now? Meaning the women are the ones who held the power and own lands etc. Pretty interesting history & fun facts. 😊

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Sharlyn is a multi-talented artiste who has hosted several TV programmes on the local TV station and was offered a Radio DJ contract by FM88.3. She eventually turned it down as she does not want to confine behind 4 walls of a recording studio, choosing to get out and meet people from all walks of life. Besides being an events emcee, Sharlyn is also a voice-over talent, actress and singer (confined to behind the shower curtains only).

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