Conferences, Seminars & Roadshows

Conferences, Seminars & Roadshows

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  • Events
  • Chan Brothers Roadshow
  • Chinese New Year Roadshow @ 313 Somerset
  • COMEX Roadshow
  • CSIT Recruitment Fair
  • Dettol Roadshow
  • Ebene Product Roadshow
  • Food Productivity Conference
  • Giant Roadshow
  • Great Eastern Women’s Seminar
  • Independent Nation Roadshow
  • IoT Asia 2015
  • IT Fair
  • Kinohimitsu Roadshow
  • Last CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow
  • NTT IBF Forum
  • OCBC 365 Credit Card Roadshow
  • Popular Bookfest
  • Ribena Roadshow
  • SGX Derivatives Night @ Beer Market
  • Techventure 2015
  • WDA Lifelong Learning Seminar
  • Korean ICT Forum
  • Manpower Sectoral Seminar
  • Mother and Baby Seminar
  • IPOS Conerence for Intellectual Property Rights

About the Author

Sharlyn is a multi-talented artiste who has hosted several TV programmes on the local TV station and was offered a Radio DJ contract by FM88.3. She eventually turned it down as she does not want to confine behind 4 walls of a recording studio, choosing to get out and meet people from all walks of life. Besides being an events emcee, Sharlyn is also a voice-over talent, actress and singer (confined to behind the shower curtains only).

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