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Sharlyn is an industry veteran. She has been a professional emcee Singapore providing excellent emcee services for the past decades and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

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Emcee Sharlyn Was At Marina Bay Sands

by Sharlyn Lim, May 23, 2019
Emcee Sharlyn is at Marina Bay Sands. [AIA Recruitment Seminar] There were many God-inspired moments as Chew Chor Meng #周初明 & I spoke. I had no scripts. Just a few questions on paper I saw the many heads that nodded in unison, resonating with what I said: "There are no coincidence in Life. Everything happens for a reason - people we meet, decisions we make, steps we take, things that happen to us. Each action guided us to become who we are. There are lessons to be learnt for our purported Purpose of Life. When Life throws you Lemons, make...

Emcee Sharlyn Hosted For Danielwellington

by Sharlyn Lim, May 22, 2019
Rising up to a PERFECT Day! Thanks for getting me as an Influencer Host 🥰 Remember to quote "Sharlynloves" for a 15% discount at Donning the latest Classic Ring Collection from #danielwellington, completing my whole look with the classic bangle & Cornwall 40mm watch face. It was great fun collaborating with the international team from Hong Kong -Nancy, Jason, Cassey. 🥰
Emcee Sharlyn is at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Launch of New Truck Generation by Scania! We are delighted to have Runner up of Asia's Got Talent & Receiver of Golden Buzzer Award - Canion Shijirbat from Mongolia to perform for us last night. Check out his performance ⬇️ #scania
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