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Sharlyn is an industry veteran. She has been a professional emcee Singapore providing excellent emcee services for the past decades and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

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by Sharlyn Lim, May 2, 2016
"First of all, we begin on a stage that separates us from the audience. You've to know your script, reach out and connect with the public while being mindful of certain taboo issues. The same method of 'rah-rahing' the crowd may not even work with every audience you get," Sharlyn says, flashing a knowing look. Whether it is a public event or private event, she has vast knowledge on how to add life to any event. With her expertise, you can have someone who knows how to entertain the crowd while adding value to your event. It takes plenty of...

corporate emcee

by Sharlyn Lim, May 2, 2016
Are you serious about creating an occasion that is impressive, runs efficiently, yet at the same time fun & entertaining for your audience? Please do not take too lightly the value of a good corporate emcee. The role of corporate emcee is essential & must be taken extremely seriously. A host has the power of making your occasion a huge success or damage it completely. An excellent emcee guarantees the success of your event and keeps it running flawlessly to ensure that the event leaves a long-term impression on your guest. As a professional host as well as a master...

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by Sharlyn Lim, May 2, 2016
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