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Sharlyn is an industry veteran. She has been a professional emcee Singapore providing excellent emcee services for the past decades and is currently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore.

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The greatest gift is simply to help those in need. Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.And I have spent another year hosting this meaningful event💗🙌 A BIG shoutout to all the loyal donors of NTU BCP Programme for aiding NTU's financially disadvantaged students reach their fullest potential during their tertiary education without financial worries. Always heartening to see how NTU BCP grow strength to strength year on year under BCP Chairman Simon Lee's leadership. #bcp #ntu #fundraising Sharlyn Lim is a Bilingual Emcee. She is a Singapore host or Singapore emcee. She has over...

Epicurean Star Award Gala

by Sharlyn Lim, November 9, 2019
What a wonderful "reunion" with my fellow Henghua Dialect group 同乡 at Epicurean Star Award Gala!!! In the past whenever people ask which dialect group I belonged to, they expect to hear the usual Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew. When I replied Henghua/ XinHua, they starred at me blankly. Thanks to Putien for clinching one-star michellin that the whole world finally knows what is Henghua 🥰 I'm 100% Henghua & proud of it! Because I announced Putien as the winner for 1st award & commented I'm Henghua, I reunited with Andrew Tjioe, Ted Tan & Andrew Kwan who are also fellow Henghuas. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! 💗💗💗😆😆😆...

Indeco 36th Annual DND

by Sharlyn Lim, November 4, 2019
Delighted to be the 1st female emcee they ever used for DND. Thanks Craig Teo for the recommendation👍 And yes finally get to meet FB & IG entertainer friendsMarkson Chua & Ismail Mohd !!! Great show guys!! Concept of posing with a Dove was refreshing.Act of resting the little fellow on my hand was...daunting. My smile was tad frozen coz it's so tiny & delicate....& its claws pretty scratchy. 😆 Sharlyn Lim is a Bilingual Emcee. She is a Singapore host or Singapore emcee. She has over more than 10 years of on-stage experience, Sharlyn has hosted & Interviewed numerous Artist...
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