best emcee singapore

best emcee singapore

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“First of all, we begin on a stage that separates us from the audience. You’ve to know your script, reach out and connect with the public while being mindful of certain taboo issues. The same method of ‘rah-rahing’ the crowd may not even work with every audience you get,” Sharlyn says, flashing a knowing look. Whether it is a public event or private event, she has vast knowledge on how to add life to any event. With her expertise, you can have someone who knows how to Best Emcee Singaporeentertain the crowd while adding value to your event. It takes plenty of natural talent, confidence and sheer hard work to perform when thrust into the spotlight to host an event, as veteran Singaporean emcee Sharlyn Lim can probably tell you. She shared the stage with international celebrities like Taiwanese pop group S.H.E, Investment Guru Jim Rogers and Hong kong TVB stars. Here stands a beautiful young lady who has hosted hundreds of events both in Singapore and abroad; across three continents. These range from keynotes and seminars of IT giant IBM and international bank OCBC to high fashion events for designer label Marc Jacobs and skincare label Bio-essence and even stage events at shopping malls or Family Days.


About the Author

Sharlyn is a multi-talented artiste who has hosted several TV programmes on the local TV station and was offered a Radio DJ contract by FM88.3. She eventually turned it down as she does not want to confine behind 4 walls of a recording studio, choosing to get out and meet people from all walks of life. Besides being an events emcee, Sharlyn is also a voice-over talent, actress and singer (confined to behind the shower curtains only).

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